MewBox Android's Source To DRM-Free Music.

Today I found that a new music download service is available for Android called Mewbox. It is very similar to the ITunes music store. Which is what Android has been waiting for. The great thing about Mewbox is that it is DRM-Free, and what this means you could lets say download a song from your android device and then put it on a cd with no problems.Unfortunately Mewbox is still in beta, but holds great promise. You can download this incredible software threw there website for Android devices or the ARCHOS 5. I personally am very excited to see the development with Mewbox and where it will go. We as Android users hope that it will hold up against the Giant that is ITunes…Below you will see what the people over at Mewbox have to say about the development of MewBox, and make sure that you check out Mewbox

We understand that you love music, and that you want to have access to it when you want access to it. That’s why we’re here.Our first offering will be a way for you to buy the music you love when you want it. Register your Android device with us and you’ll be able to get what you want, when you want. Simple as that.What we’re doing next is far more fun, stay tuned for more information.Enjoy your music!


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