Apps Running Off SD?

So after todays Googles press confrince there was a short Q & A for the people at google, and a big question was why  is there only 256mb of storge for apps? Google replyed with, “They store apps in the internal ROM and not on the SD card now, for piracy reasons, but they will offer an upgrade soon for installing apps on the SD card.”

So this shows that they are working on this issue and parentally it will be pushed out in an over the air update. They just want to lock the apps to your sd so that you can not give them away, or add a virus to them. As all ways stay tuned to AndroidFeens for more info.


2 Responses to Apps Running Off SD?

  1. grundyman says:

    Does anyone know whenthis is gonna take effect? This is what’s holding us back from having apps like the iphone. Not to mention being limited. I know you’ll still be limited. But with these 32 gig,micro sd cards. Skys the limit.

    Can’t wait!!!

  2. Keith Hord says:

    Hi Grundyman there is still no word on when this will happen. But I will be sure to let you guys no when i find out more.

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