Big Day For Motorola At CES:

So today was a big day for motorola at the CES: they announced there third handset with Android called the BackFlip. This is a device much like the Motorola Cliq with its Moto Blur. The BackFlip’s is unique on how it opens: when closed, the keyboard sits exposed on the back face of the device. When open, a “Backtrack” touchpad is exposed on the surface behind the screen. I am not so sure on how I would feel about having my keyboard just out there…. Back to the story this device is set to lunch to AT&T and will have Android 1.5, but as we are on that subject the Motorola Cliq which is the BackFlips older brother. Will be getting Android 2.1 So this can only mean that there will be a jump for the BackFlip.

And last but not least they Motorola  all so announced that the Motorola Droid will be getting Flash 10.1… There has not been a date for this yet but it is public that it is being worked on, So this only means one thing for the Droid to get flash it would need Android 2.1, So YES… The Droid is getting Android 2.1.

As all ways stay tuned to AndroidFeens for more information.


One Response to Big Day For Motorola At CES:

  1. Androidfeens says:

    […] another note, Motorola has come out to say that the Cliq will also be geting an upgraded to 2.1. G1 users I am sorry to say that there is still […]

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