Android App MyLockOut Catches Thief…

So you just got a snazzy new Android phone, and you want to protect it. So you put a pattern lock on it, so that no one can access it. ok good but it can still be stolen and used. MyLockOut has proof that it works in helping you not only protect your phone but your home.. A couple in Wilsonville, Oregon had their home broken into while they were sleeping and when they woke up the next morning they saw that both of their Motorola Droid Android Phones and other valuable electronics had been stolen!!!!! Tho thanks to the app LockOut that was installed on the Droids. Once the Thief started taking pictures of him self they were posted online..

The application performs a backup service at midnight every night and the self-portrait pictures of the robber were uploaded to the web as part of the service. You can see the video hear…

The suspect was a 15-year old male who police believe had been scoping out the victim’s house for quite some time.


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