NIMble From Touch Revolution…

The future of Android looks very promising with companies like Touch Revolution making devises. This niftey little device is a desk phone running Android.  With a 600MHz+ processor, and an SD card slot. It can run normal apps as well. So lets say you need check the weather before a trip boom done. Or just want to zone out with Pandora. Maybe you need to go thrue e-mails and dont want to take out your phone, well the NIMble can do all of this. I beleve this will be a great step for Android. Tho i could not use it as an alarm clock cause I would all ways be on it. hahaha.

The specs so far are:

  • Main Processor Minimum –  600MHz StrongARM
  • Memory 128 MB DDR RAM, 512 MB NAND Flash
  • Expanded Storage SD Card Slot
  • Screen DIMENSIONS 4.3”, 7”, 10”
  • Resolution 480 x 272, 800 x 480 and higher
  • Touch Sensor Type Multi-Touch Projective Capacitive Glass Surface
  • Connectivity 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 1.0/2.0, Ethernet
  • Audio Stereo Speakers, Stereo Headset Jack, Directional Microphone,
  • Bluetooth™ 2.0/2.1 + EDR stereo (A2DP) range of 10 meters
  • Camera 2MP CMOS Camera, 15fps full resolution video, 30fps 1MP video
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