Nexus One Extended Battery.

Hey guys how are you liking that Nexus One? Is it every thing you could ask for? I feel the same way, “It’s the best phone EVER” haha.
Tho it is a great phone the only thing i wish i could change is the battery. I wish I could go threw a full day with out worrying about the battery dying. Now you can with Seidioonline offering a couple extended batteries.

One battery is a 1600 mAh which is 200 mAh more then the stock battery. which goes for MSRP: US$54.95

Then there is a 2800mAh Extend Life Battery which is double the stock battery. Tho it does add 6mm to your device and comes with a new back door for it to fit. I don’t think that 6mm is a lot when you wont have to worry about a charging. The 2800mAh goes for MSRP: US$64.95


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