TAT Home On It’s Way.

Hey every one have you been wanting nice widgets to put on your Vanilla Android device? I know I personaly love the sense ui that Htc has. But i stick with Vanilla Android because I feel it is updated much easier.

Any ways this is to show you that the day is coming when you no longer need sense on a phone for it to be special. With TAT Home you can have a almost Hero like widget set.  I really like the idea of Compact and Expanding widgets. Once this is available I will feel like my Nexus One will be hole..

Hear are all the widgets so far:

  • Weather Widget — flip between a compact at-a-glance forecast and detailed data with one gesture;
  • Clock Widget — set the alarm with a smooth wake up experience;
  • Messaging Widget — a Compact and Expanding SMS and MMS widget;
  • Music Widget – play your music from the small remote or flick into the immersive 3D effect with cover flow;
  • Contacts Widgets – quickly select a contact from the grid of Faves with zero setup
  • Make sure to check out the video below

    Source: TAT


    2 Responses to TAT Home On It’s Way.

    1. kyle says:

      Love it!!!! But how do I get it??????????

    2. Keith Hord says:

      You will be able get soon it is still in beta and will be released soon.

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