HTC Desire Announced Today..

This is the biggest phone sense well the Nexus One. Much like its big brother in many ways. The HTC Desire will include a few differences. It has Htc sense, optical trackball, and 576mb of ram vs 512 not much of a change. The biggest change that we have yet to see support for is this device is Flash 10.1 ready? On a different not it has been shown that if you have a phone with vanilla Android you do get updates faster.

The Desire will be available throughout Europe Asia and as well as in Australia in early Q2’10.  No word  if this nice little devise will hit the US just yet, but I would put my pennies on it. HTC was quoted in saying,

“A record number of mobile operators have confirmed to launch our new devices. HTC Desire has been accepted by almost every key carrier in every key country we work with.”

Below we have three videos showing off the HTC Desire. The first two are from HTC and the third is Via AndroidAndMe with a Hands on. So enjoy and let us know what you think..


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