Android Stickers…….

Hey guys, thanks to are great Android community I have something very cool for all of you.
Have you been wanting to advertise that your an Android and not a Mac? Maybe you just really adore are little green friend 🙂 I know I do.. So why not mark it with a sticker, to put on your car, door, or maybe laptop. Thanks to my friend LeX that is posable. As of now he is not charging unless the outcome is to great then he will need to start a small fee. All that he asks is that you pay for your own shipping.. I must say tho these Stickers look great.. I can not wait to get mine.
Bellow you will see the coolers you can get and also a Gallery of some work. If you would like to get ahold of LeX you can E-Mail him at but G-Talk is preferred. Also do not forget to follow him on Twitter for that click hear.


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