Does your 1.5 BUZZ, because mine does!

February 12, 2010

So you heard all the buzz (pun intended) about Google’s new social networking tool “BUZZ”?? Want to join the cool kids on the block and start “buzzin”?? Then you realize that you have Android 1.5 and you just can’t figure out how to get them buzzes a buzzin. Hold on to your britches and get ready to learn how, but first bear with us as we tell you how we found this out. (Written by PSiQo1)

My brother and I were watching the new Star Trek movie. We are Star Wars fans so why we were watching Star Trek don’t ask. My brother (PSiQo1) told me that we couldn’t use our Moto Cliq’s to BUZZ. I said “Bulls#!*” and showed him the BUZZ option in my browser. Only to find out he was right, it didn’t work. So I logged on my Google profile and noticed it had a bunch of old post from Google Latitude. Then suddenly “light bulb turns on”, maybe I could use Google Latitude to post on Buzz. At this point my brother said “Let’s test this s#!* out on my buzz since it’s already set-up” and posted a Latitude status update asking his buddy Brent from ALLDROID to reply if it posted as a BUZZ, and it did. Ok ok we drug you through the boring stuff for long enough. (Written by PSiQo2 and in part by PSiQo1)

How it works:
First set-up your Google Buzz on your computer (create profile, edit profile, etc…). Next go to your Latitude AND Buzz, request all the people you would like to follow (works best if they are all the same people).  Now when you want to “buzz” just change your status through Latitude and all your followers will see them as “buzzes” and the Android 1.5 followers will see them in Latitude. Too good to be true? NO, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!

We have no idea if this is intentional on Google’s end or not. All the documentation and reports point to NO though. So we decided to name this as our brainchild, LAT-BUZZ.

(Disclaimer: This has only been tested on 5 phones but does seem to work. Sometimes there is a delay but everything does appear to show up. Remember this is a work around and may have some faults. If this doesn’t work for you please report back here and leave a comment or maybe Google hates you and love us.)

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