Android Stickers…….

December 14, 2010

Hey guys, thanks to are great Android community I have something very cool for all of you.
Have you been wanting to advertise that your an Android and not a Mac? Maybe you just really adore are little green friend 🙂 I know I do.. So why not mark it with a sticker, to put on your car, door, or maybe laptop. Thanks to my friend LeX that is posable. As of now he is not charging unless the outcome is to great then he will need to start a small fee. All that he asks is that you pay for your own shipping.. I must say tho these Stickers look great.. I can not wait to get mine.
Bellow you will see the coolers you can get and also a Gallery of some work. If you would like to get ahold of LeX you can E-Mail him at but G-Talk is preferred. Also do not forget to follow him on Twitter for that click hear.


The NexusMod Live WallPaper Now Available In The Market.

March 4, 2010

This is just for those of you with a Nexus One. In case you have not seen it yet @ChrisSoyars has done a remix of the Nexus Live Wallpaper. Like the Nexus Live Wallpaper, the Nexus Mod allows you to make the change the Background form Normal to Dark. It also allows you to change the Color Scheme to,

  • Dust
  • Nexus
  • SexyNexus
  • CyanogenMod
  • Candy
  • Zion

It definitely adds a lot more flavor to my Favorite Live Wallpaper. Again a special thanks to @ChrisSoyars and hear are some of my favorites…

Five Nexus One Videos..

February 13, 2010

Hey guys remember the other day when we brought you a video of the Making of the Nexus One. We told you that is was a series of 5 and we figured we would wait till it was done to bring you all 5. So enjoy the videos and let us know what you think.

Video One: Concept & Design

Video Tw0: Display & 3D Framework

Video Three: Testing

Video Four: Manufacturing

Video Five: Day One

So what do you guys think? Does it make you want a Nexus One haha. Let us know.

Does your 1.5 BUZZ, because mine does!

February 12, 2010

So you heard all the buzz (pun intended) about Google’s new social networking tool “BUZZ”?? Want to join the cool kids on the block and start “buzzin”?? Then you realize that you have Android 1.5 and you just can’t figure out how to get them buzzes a buzzin. Hold on to your britches and get ready to learn how, but first bear with us as we tell you how we found this out. (Written by PSiQo1)

My brother and I were watching the new Star Trek movie. We are Star Wars fans so why we were watching Star Trek don’t ask. My brother (PSiQo1) told me that we couldn’t use our Moto Cliq’s to BUZZ. I said “Bulls#!*” and showed him the BUZZ option in my browser. Only to find out he was right, it didn’t work. So I logged on my Google profile and noticed it had a bunch of old post from Google Latitude. Then suddenly “light bulb turns on”, maybe I could use Google Latitude to post on Buzz. At this point my brother said “Let’s test this s#!* out on my buzz since it’s already set-up” and posted a Latitude status update asking his buddy Brent from ALLDROID to reply if it posted as a BUZZ, and it did. Ok ok we drug you through the boring stuff for long enough. (Written by PSiQo2 and in part by PSiQo1)

How it works:
First set-up your Google Buzz on your computer (create profile, edit profile, etc…). Next go to your Latitude AND Buzz, request all the people you would like to follow (works best if they are all the same people).  Now when you want to “buzz” just change your status through Latitude and all your followers will see them as “buzzes” and the Android 1.5 followers will see them in Latitude. Too good to be true? NO, IT REALLY IS THAT EASY!

We have no idea if this is intentional on Google’s end or not. All the documentation and reports point to NO though. So we decided to name this as our brainchild, LAT-BUZZ.

(Disclaimer: This has only been tested on 5 phones but does seem to work. Sometimes there is a delay but everything does appear to show up. Remember this is a work around and may have some faults. If this doesn’t work for you please report back here and leave a comment or maybe Google hates you and love us.)

Shameless plug: Follower us on twitter (PSiQo1 & PsiQo2)

Rumor: T-Mobile Cliq To See Android 2.1 In March

February 11, 2010

According to Boy Genius, The Motorola Cliq is set to have an update in march that will bring Android 2.1. This is great news for a lot of cliq users. I know that when I had my Cliq the 1.5 was my biggest issue. No word on if this update will go to future Blur phones like the Back Flip and Devour just yet. “I’m sure that it will.”
Lets just hope we see this role out very soon.

Source: Boy Genius

Xperia X10 Does Face Recognition.. (Video)

February 11, 2010

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been all over the Internet for months now. Still no U.S. release date which makes a lot of us very sad. Any who back to the news..
It seems that Xperia X10 is now capable of face recognition. What this means is that if you take a picture of a friend and tag them in it with there name. The next time you take a picture and there in it. It should automatically tag them, and from there you can veiw pictures of just that person by there tag I.D. hmm interesting. Im not sure how well this would work out. But make sure to check out the video below, and we will keep you up to date on this.

Source: Androinica

My Touch 3G Fender Edition Sold Out, More Coming

February 11, 2010

Well that did not take long. It seem that T-Mobile has pushed over 17,000 MyTouch 3G Fender Editions. After only 3 weeks. Can I just take a moment to say congrats to T-Mobile.. A second batch is said to be released in April. No word on how many more..

Source: TmoNews