The NexusMod Live WallPaper Now Available In The Market.

March 4, 2010

This is just for those of you with a Nexus One. In case you have not seen it yet @ChrisSoyars has done a remix of the Nexus Live Wallpaper. Like the Nexus Live Wallpaper, the Nexus Mod allows you to make the change the Background form Normal to Dark. It also allows you to change the Color Scheme to,

  • Dust
  • Nexus
  • SexyNexus
  • CyanogenMod
  • Candy
  • Zion

It definitely adds a lot more flavor to my Favorite Live Wallpaper. Again a special thanks to @ChrisSoyars and hear are some of my favorites…


“Google Shopper” Now On The Market

February 19, 2010

Take the top barcode scanners – ShopSavvy, Barcode Scanner, and so on. What is it that you get? Well you get the new Google Shopper app for Android.

With Google Shopper, you not only can scan barcodes but also look up products by taking a picture of them, as well as by voice. Include  with each search is pricing, links to the seller, and detailed product specs. Products you look up can be saved to a history and shared Threw an e-mail, Twitter, etc.

Let us know what you guys think about Google Labs newest venture in app developing. Will any of you stick to ShopSavvy and why?